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The World Trade Press World Atlas, Pocket Edition is our travel version of our full-size World Atlas, Desk Edition. At 5″ x 7″, it is small enough to take on trips. With 54 two-page spread detailed maps in full color, a 160-country data sections and a comprehensive index, this World Atlas packs the information of a much larger format reference into a convenient, portable book.

Quantity Purchased at One TimeStock CoverGold Foil Stamp Front CoverGold Foil Stamp Back CoverLithocase Custom CoverCustom 16-page Signature
100$28.00$32.00add $4.50
250$24.00$29.00add $3.00
500$12.50$27.00add $2.50$36.00
1,000$18.00$25.00add $2.25$25.00add $3.60
2,500$17.00$21.00add $2.25$22.00add $1.95
5,000$16.00$20.00add $2.00$16.00add $1.35
10,000$13.00$17.00add $1.90$13.00add $1.05
20,000$9.00$13.00add $1.70$9.00add $0.90

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World Atlas: Desk Edition

Our new World Atlas provides the most up-to-date data, is printed in full color on the finest matte-coated paper, and is hard-back bound with sewn pages for durability.

Use the New World Atlas as:

  • A promotional premium
  • A “door opener” for sales reps
  • A trade show giveaway
  • An employee, holiday, or client gift

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