Custom Branded Map Products

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Ordering Information

Production Times

Production time is based upon factory receipt of:

  1. Client purchase order (P.O.)
  2. Complete order instructions
  3. Digital artwork in usable format
  4. All editorial copy
  5. Deposit payment
  6. Client sign-off of artwork

See below for standard production times.

Rush Orders

Rush orders are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please ask your sales distributor/counselor for details.


Atlas Cartographic prides itself on competitive pricing for the quality of products offered. All pricing includes 4-color process (CMYK) color printing of the map product as well as of your logo, company name and other advertising elements.

Prices are subject to change without notice. If you require a fixed price for a specific job, please contact your sales distributor/counselor for a written quotation, which is good for 30 days from the date issued by the factory.


All custom map orders are subject to 50% deposit (prior to printing) and balance, net 30 from delivery, on accepted credit.

A credit application is required.

Payments may be made by credit card.

Past due payments are subject to a 1.5% per month late fee. In certain cases, full prepayment may be required.

Resale/Sales Tax

California clients purchasing for resale must supply a valid “Seller’s Permit” with their order to avoid payment of sales tax.


In accordance with standard printing industry terms, the final delivery quantity is subject to an acceptable variance of +/- (plus or minus) 10 percent. The final invoice to be adjusted up or down accordingly. If you require a lesser deviation (5% is the minimum deviation), you must inform your sales distributor/counselor at the time you place your order.

Custom Jobs

Atlas Cartographic has significant experience developing special maps and map products for clients. We can do this with quick turn-around and at very competitive prices. Examples include custom mapping, puzzles of specific sizes and number of pieces, and custom packaging. Such jobs, however, require individual job quotations. Please contact your sales distributor/counselor for a written quote.

Custom Dies

Certain packaging and puzzle jobs require custom cutting dies. Please contact your sales distributor/counselor for pricing.


All products in this catalog can be packaged to client specifications. For example, we can package products individually for client presentation or provide retail packaging in blister packs.

Multiple Destination Charges

Atlas Cartographic can ship to multiple locations for $5/v per location plus actual shipping charges. In some cases, special packaging may be required. Please contact your sales distributor/counselor for pricing.


Atlas Cartographic can handle product manufacturing, packaging and fulfillment with either the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL or even by international postal services. Please contact your sales distributor/counselor for a written quote.

All Orders Custom Printed

All orders for products in this catalog are individually custom printed, not overprinted on a pre-printed map. Print economies of scale apply: small purchase quantities translate to a higher per-unit cost, whereas large purchase quantities translate to lower per-unit costs. Best pricing on all products starts at 1,000 units.

Job Changes

Job changes are subject to additional charges. Job changes are those specified by the client after the original order has been entered into our system and production has started.

Client “Sign-Off”

Atlas Cartographic will send you either a final digital PDF proof or final paper proof for each job. PLEASE REVIEW THIS PROOF VERY CAREFULLY.

We will also ask you to “Sign-Off” on either the e-mailed proof by return e-mail or with a written signature on the paper proof. Once you “Sign-Off,” ALL responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the artwork transfers to you. We will not go to press without this “Sign-Off.”


Shipping charges are to the account of the buyer, Ex-Factory California or Maryland. The responsibility for an order transfers from the factory to the client once the order is shipped by common carrier.

The client must make all claims for damage at the time of receipt of the shipment. Atlas Cartographic cannot accept liability or responsibility for any carrier-related damage or carrier-caused delays to a shipment.

Product Weights

Unit product weights specified in this catalog are approximate.

International Orders

Atlas Cartographic ships worldwide on a regular basis. Please note that some countries (notably India) have strict laws governing the representation of international boundaries on maps. These boundaries are often different from accepted norms of the international community.

All international orders are subject to full prepayment prior to going to press.

Terms & Conditions

Atlas Cartographic will not accept any terms and conditions in purchase orders that are different than those contained in this catalog, unless we specifically agree to them in writing.

Standard Production Time

Production schedules are a function of art production and manufacturing time.

Standard total production time is 15 working days. Many orders, however, are completed in 10 working days. Shipping time is additional.

Note: Our clock doesn’t start to tick until we receive a PO, a deposit and your logo art!

Complete Art Production
(includes logo placement, typesetting and paper proof)
3 to 5 working days from the date we receive all art, editorial and related elements.
Manufacturing: Products Without Lamination
(manufacturing: printing only)
5 to 7 working days
Manufacturing: Products With Lamination
(manufacturing: printing and lamination)
7 to 12 working days