Custom Branded Map Products

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Print and Setup Specifications

Artwork and Production

To avoid production delays and additional charges, your artwork must conform to industry standard specifications.

Logo and Art

Logo images should be provided in vector format in a program such as Adobe Illustrator or as an Illustrator eps file.

If type is part of the logo, we recommend that you “outline” the fonts in the graphics program. Otherwise, you must supply every font used in the art in a “Fonts” folder, along with your other artwork.

In any event, high resolution (at least 300 dpi) artwork is required.

If your art uses spot colors, please specify the PMS number(s) or the color matching system used.

Art Services

Our graphics department is very skilled and production oriented. If we can do a “quick fix” to resolve an issue, we’ll do so without charge. However, if your artwork does not conform to industry standards and we can’t do a quick fix, we will notify you and inform you of any additional charges.

Hourly rate: $55/hour/v.

Minor modifications and typesetting: $55/v minimum charge.

Significant modification or rebuilding: $110/v minimum charge.


All orders are subject to a set-up charge.

4-color (CMYK process) printing orders:

First order: $75.00/v
Exact reorder: $37.50/v

Additional spot colors (PMS colors): 

First order: $50.00/v
Exact reorder: $25.00/v

PDF Proof

Our standard procedure is to supply a digital “PDF” proof as an e-mail attachment for every job. Please note that a PDF proof is not 100% color accurate. A PDF is used primarily to check placement of art elements such as logos and advertising copy, and to give an idea of color.

Production Proof

We supply a paper proof on all poster, puzzle and puzzle packaging orders. There is no charge for this proof. We also automatically supply a production proof for all large and complex orders.

Color Matching

Some clients have strict guidelines for matching company colors. We welcome such jobs and have an outstanding record of meeting client expectations. If color matching is expected, you must let us know in writing. Color matching requires a Production Proof and payment of a Color Matching fee.

Color-Matching Fee

$30/v. If your job requires a color match, please supply us with a sample print where the color was to your satisfaction. We will make every effort to match your sample or inform you of any difficulties.

Printing Process

All products offered in this catalog are printed using offset lithography in 4-color (CMYK) process. 4-color CMYK means that “full color” is achieved by printing smaller and larger dots in the four process colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Additional or spot colors require additional set-up and per piece charges.

Scanning Art

$50.00/v per 4-color scan and $35.00/v per 1-color (line art) scan. We scan reflective art (art provided on flat paper) up to 8.5″ x 14″ as well as color slides in house. We also have access to scanning equipment for art up to 24″ x 36″.

Client Supplied Maps

Atlas Cartographic accepts client-supplied map artwork. There is no additional charge if the artwork is supplied pre-sized for the product desired and is 98-100% press ready. If modifications are required, we will inform you of the costs prior to starting work.

PMS, Special or Spot Color Inks

Standard procedure is to convert all client-supplied spot color artwork to CMYK process colors. If your job requires spot colors, you must let us know in writing. Each spot color requires an additional set-up and per piece charge. These charges are listed on each product page. Refer to the next paragraph to see how conversion to CMYK process color can alter the appearance of a PMS spot color.

Conversion from Spot to CMYK

Converting a spot (PMS), or RGB (red, green, blue) color to 4-color CMYK process color will alter its appearance. The table below demonstrates the change for a popular Pantone Matching System color.

Copyrights and Trademarks

Atlas Cartographic holds the exclusive worldwide copyright to each map image in this catalog. You may not make copies of any map artwork, even if you purchase quantities of a product from this catalog.

Clients warrant that they are the legitimate copyright or trademark holders of any images they supply for reproduction. Clients also agree to indemnify Atlas Cartographic and its distributors against any and all claims and related expenses for any legal action that may result from the improper use of such copyrighted or trademarked images.

Separations, Film, Plates and Dies

All color separations, film, printing plates, digital images, cutting dies and other materials created and used in the production process remain the property of Atlas Cartographic.